Gourds & Gifts

Gourds have been used throughout history as a means of storage, musically and various forms of decoration.I was fortunate after retiring to have gourds available and friends who encouraged me to explore the uses and painting of gourds.  Many hours of enjoyment have followed.  My love of the outdoors, animals  and interest in the various uses of gourds opened doors of expressions that grow daily.

Recently I have been making drums and thunder gourds.These require  thicker gourd walls due to stretching leather hides and I order several varieties from Arizona or California as they have a longer growing season therefore thicker walled gourds.My designs are sights  I have seen ,pictures that have amused or touched me in some way or subjects I enjoyed exploring.

I do pyrography ,carving and painting depending on the subjects.  Watercolors, acrylic paint and dyes make up the coloring on each gourd.

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